FOCUUS <> HasOffers Integration

In order to integrate with HasOffers, follow the next steps.

1. Generate your event pixel on FOCUUS.
Make sure to select "Hasoffers only" to get the right pixel structure. 

* Replace the TRANSACTION_ID to your Hasoffers macro, for example aff_sub5

2. Implement FOCUUS pixel on Hasoffers - 


3. Add a new conversion pixel-

4. Make sure to create FOCUUS as a new affiliate and pick Postback URL on the "Type" field.



5. Generate link for FOCUUS on the offer page-



6. Set this link on FOCUUS, on the destination URL along with the additional parameters, for example -{tid}&source={traffic_source}&aff_sub3={creative_id}&aff_sub={click_id}


 7. Generate link for your traffic source – Zeropark for example -



 8. The generated link will be set on the traffic source (Zeropark on this example) and we can make a test with it.


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