Payouts can be set both on Campaign level and Destination Level. If you choose to set a Campaign payout, then all destinations under the campaign will automatically receive the Campaign payout.


If you choose to set a destination payout, then the destination payout will overrule the Campaign payout.


The “Cool Game” Campaign was set to a $15 payout.

MX iOS Destination was set to a $10 payout, and MX Android Destination was set to a $8 Payout. “Special Promotion” Destination was set to $20 payout and US Desktop Destination‘s payout was left blank. The blank Destination will automatically receive the Campaign’s payout value ($15).

Payout Updates are available at any point. Any change on the Campaign level will affect the blank Destinations, and any change on the Destination level will only affect the Destination and will overrule the Campaign level payout for the Destination.

Setting Event Payouts for Destination/Campaign

When on a Campaign / Destination screen, in the “Campaign/Destination Events” Section ---> Click on “set” payout for the requested event and enter the Event’s Payout.

Important: you can set different payouts for different events. For example, if you earn $4 per Install and $20 per Sale, you can set both event payouts in the system.

All of the above applies both on the Campaign level and the Destination level.

Reminder: A Destination’s Payout will overrule a Campaign’s Payout when set.   

Dynamic Payout Pixel

When an advertiser wants to pass the Payout within the Pixel for each event, it may be done by making the following addition to the Pixel:


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