Adding a New Pre-Lander - Link/PHP/Java

FOCUUS allows you to create a Pre-Lander page, to be used as the initial landing page the user sees when clicking your link - before the user is being redirected to the advertiser’s landing 
page. The Pre-Lander page can help increase user value, event conversion rate %, etc.
When on a destination screen click on  

Fill in the “New Pre-Lander Link” form and then Save.

** Note 1: Pre-lander functionality supports PHP format. If you are using HTML code, you can easily add the following script at the top of your HTML code, and save your website as a PHP file:
  $url = '';
  $url .= http_build_query($_GET);
  if (strpos($url, '?code=') !== false) {
    $url = str_replace("?code","?r_code",$url);
  if (strpos($url, '&code=') !== false) {
    $url = str_replace("&code","&r_code",$url);
  $url .= "&direct=1";
  $url = urldecode($url);

** Behind your "call-to-action" button or link, make sure to implement

<a class="cont" href="<?=$url; ?>">YOUR CALL TO ACTION</a>

** Note 2 : Pre-lander functionality supports JAVA Script format. There are two steps to follow:

* First Add an addition to your link.  See the example below: 

**jQuery lib must be imported at the Head tag

If your domain is , add a string addition per campaign/source, for ex &param=1&destination=1394846&campaign=367904&traffic_source=96698

Therefore the final link will be

* Second, add the script below to your page:

        function getQueryParameters(str) {

            return (str ||^\?)/, '').split("&").map(function (n) { return n = n.split("="), this[n[0]] = n[1], this }.bind({}))[0];

        $(function () {
            var querystring = getQueryParameters();
            var newquery = JSON.stringify(querystring).replace(/:/g, '=').replace(/{/g, "").replace(/}/g, "").replace(/,/g, "&").replace(/['"]+/g, '');
            var links = $("a");
            for (var l = 0; l < links.length; l++) {
                var cur_url = $("a").eq(l).attr("href");
                var used_sign = "?";
                if (cur_url.indexOf(used_sign) != -1) {
                    used_sign = "&";
                $("a").eq(l).attr("href", cur_url + used_sign + newquery + "&direct=1");

*Finally, insert the code behind the Banners/texts links:

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