Adding a New Campaign

Essential Campaign Details

Before setting up a new campaign on FOCUUS , make sure you have all the essential details from the advertiser:
  • Name of the Product
  • Description and Restrictions (Mobile / Desktop, User Targeting, Carrier restrictions etc.)
  • Geographic Targeting (Note that geotargeting traffic is done only in the  routers screen)
  • Unique Tracking URL - Your Tracking URL that will track events for your traffic.
  • Available Macros / Tokens for the mandatory parameters ({tid}) and optional parameters ({sid}, {cid} etc...). Reminder: the same macro used for your {tid} parameter should be included in your Pixel on the advertiser’s side (see “Generating Advertiser Pixel for implementation” under “3rd Party Tracking
  • Preview URL - the final URL without tracking
  • Payout events and amount
  • Additional information: Advertiser’s KPIs, Creative types allowed, caps, operating systems or device types, and any other inputs that can help you choose the best traffic type for the offer).

    Adding a New Campaign Level on FOCUUS

    Open the “Campaign” Tab on the left side menu ---> Click the “Add New Campaign” button

    Next, fill in the “New Campaign” form, and save.

    *Setting Countries for a campaign will not affect the Campaign’s Geo Targeting. For Geo Targeting please use “Routers”. 

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