S2S Integration

Generating Advertiser’s Pixel For Implementation

Click on your user setting menu, choose an “Event”, and then click on “Get Pixel” for the requested event. Please note that events are global, meaning you can use the same Pixel for a few campaigns/destination. For example, different app developers’ campaigns may use the same “CPI” Pixel to track an app installation and opening.

The URL generated is designated for implementation on your advertiser’s side, and will fire back to FOCUUS along with the {tid} unique value once an action occurs.

Adding Event Value Parameter to Your Pixel Code
In case you would like to pass the revenue value for each event, simply add the "event_value" string to your pixel code and set the requested value as in the example below -



Your advertiser must store the {tid} initially passed to it for each click, and must include this value inside the Pixel once it is fired.  Read more about this under “Managing your campaigns”.


Pixel as implemented on advertiser’s side:


Direct Link as implemented under the advertiser’s campaign (FOCUUS’ platform):  


Multiple Event Tracking

FOCUUS allows tracking and analysis of multiple events (unlimited in number).  

When multiple events can be attributed on the advertiser’s side, you can fully integrate the group of events on FOCUUS side. You need to send the advertiser one Pixel per event.


CPI Pixel (whenever a user installs and opens an app):


Sale Pixel (whenever a user is buying on your site/app):


In the case where a user has completed more than one Event, FOCUUS will track and report all events for the user under the same {tid}.

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