How to Work with the BI - More Examples

1. Geo Category - Although Geo category has more parameters such as Region and City, only the following were significant to be displayed on the Interactive BI.

2. Main Language parameter refers to the user’s browser language. In its box below, we can that en pages (English) converts better, compared to es pages (Spanish). This insight can be an indicator for us to improve our pages and create new ones in Spanish for the Spanish users which are not converting well so far.

3. Device Category - When reviewing the Device Type box, we can see that Smartphone is the only device that is performing higher than the average. Feature Phones are obviously underperforming, and Desktop is not performing at all for this campaign.

Possible action items:

  • Exclude feature phone and desktop from our campaign.
  • Create separate campaigns - one for smartphone and another for feature phones with a lower bid.
  • Make adjustments to the campaigns landing page for desktops.

 4. Time Category - On this part we get important insights that can be helpful for us on day-parting. On our example below, only Hour and Weekday were significant enough to be displayed.


By taking a quick look at the Weekday box, we can conclude that Monday and Saturday are definitely the highest performing days of the week. Note that when there is more data to be shown, you can expand the box by clicking the arrow on the bottom.

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