BI All Insights

Below the most crucial insights we can find ALL BI Insights divided into categories for your convenience (the same as in the Reporting section):

  • Items
  • Geo
  • Device
  • Connection
  • Time
  • BI
  • Auto

For each category you will get all the relevant parameters that are statistically significant.
In case there is not enough data to make the auto analysis, no data will be displayed.

For example, let’s select the Auto category (all the data you’re passing from your traffic sources using unique tokens).
Once Auto is selected, we’ll get our parameters stats broken to separate boxes:

Let's focus on the Site ID box:

  • At the top of each box we’ll have the Average Conversion Rate.
  • The numbers on the right indicate the parameters conversion rate.
  • The numbers on the left indicate the parameter location in terms of dependency on other parameters. The strongest insights will be placed first and the weakest ones will be placed last.
  • The first two site IDs are above the average CR, indicated in green on the scale.
    The first site ID, 1011723, has a way higher conversion rate than the average (3.02%), and most importantly, it doesn’t depend on other parameters, meaning it was better across the board!
  • The last 3 site IDs are below the average conversion rate, indicated in red on the scale.
  • Once we hover over a specific conversion rate, we can see the amount of data it relies on. The conversion rate of the first site ID in our example is 3.02%, and it’s based on 34,590 clicks and 1001 events.

* When there is more data to be shown, you can expand the box by clicking the arrow on the bottom.

Extract Actionable Insights

Following these insights, you can start to take some actions and optimize your campaign to achieve your goals-

  • Include (whitelist) or Exclude(blacklist) parameters like creative, publisher ID
  • Create separate campaigns in case you can pay different bids for high or low performing parameters.
  • Use FOCUUS smart traffic rules to better monetize your traffic (see Routers)

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