Traffic source template tokens (macros)

Tokens enable you to pass back additional data to the traffic source upon conversion via traffic source’s supported S2S postback URL.

This enables an advertiser to then cross-reference data within their source's conversion reporting.

Add your traffic sources’ tokens by selecting code from our list. Most of the dynamic parameters are already ready for you, for example: Publisher ID, Creative ID, Site, Referrer, Android device ID, IDFA and many more. Those tokens will be added automatically to your generated links when setting up a Campaign.

As soon as you do this, you can generate a traffic source’s report and choose its custom variables from the Macros list in the top menu.

Creating custom tracking tokens

In case you’d like to create new custom variables, just pick a name and add all the necessary tokens. Feel free to add as many parameters as you want, it’s unlimited!
Don’t forget to save your changes. See the image below for an example of setting up custom parameters.

*Note: The passing of additional data depends on the parameters a traffic source supports in their S2S URL.

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