Report Options

FOCUUS reporting was designated to save you time on exporting, crossing data and pivoting on external software. The table is live and dynamic and will make your analysis process much easier.  

Rearrange columns 

Feel free to move any column by dragging it. For example, if we’re interested in having the event count first, we’ll click on it and move it to the left.

Live Filtering

Each countable column gives you the option to filter its values. For example, if we’d like to see only Links that got more than 1000 clicks, we’ll click on the filter icon and select Above and then enter a value, as shown below:

 Hide Rows

In case we’d like to keep only certain columns in the generated report, we can hide the rest by going to the menu on the right corner (3 stripes icon), and uncheck the checkmark next to the required item.


You may sort values from the highest to the lowest or Items names from A to Z and clicking on the column name on the top of the table. Another click will sort it in the opposite order.

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