Back Button Redirect

What’s a Back Button Redirect?

When a user wants to leave your landing page, he/she would press the “back” button on their browser/phone.

Usual flow:

A user starts on
He/she clicks on an ad and  FOCUUS redirects him/her to your landing page.
He/She hit the back button and go back to

What usually happens is the browser tab closes and the funnel ends.

Think of the back button script as a second chance of converting them.

Flow with back button redirect:

Someone starts on
He/she clicks on an ad and  FOCUUS redirects him/her to your landing page.
He/She hit the back button - Instead, FOCUUS redirects the user to the router you've placed inside the code below.

Instead of dropping your user off the funnel, you get a second chance to convert him/her.

2 Steps:

1. Please copy the below script to your head tag and replace "NEW URL" with the URL you wish the user will be redirected after clicking on the back button. (We recommend to use a router)

var _0xeafd=['shift','onload','write','NEW URL','back_button_logic','onbeforeunload','cookie','location','replace','split'];(function(_0x1196c6,_0x44e6fa){var _0x18d0d0=function(_0x300794){while(--_0x300794){_0x1196c6['push'](_0x1196c6['shift']());}};_0x18d0d0(++_0x44e6fa);}(_0xeafd,0x112));var _0x15c5=function(_0x21eace,_0x5c8734){_0x21eace=_0x21eace-0x0;var _0xc11ac8=_0xeafd[_0x21eace];return _0xc11ac8;};var exit_url='';var back_button_logic=_0x15c5('0x0');window[_0x15c5('0x1')]=function(){document[_0x15c5('0x2')]=back_button_logic+'='+exit_url+';';};function setExitUrl(_0x4fef4e){exit_url=_0x4fef4e;window[_0x15c5('0x3')][_0x15c5('0x4')](exit_url);}function getCookie(_0x699ce4){var _0x1e3a23=';\x20'+document['cookie'];var _0x59b55e=_0x1e3a23[_0x15c5('0x5')](';\x20'+_0x699ce4+'=');if(_0x59b55e['length']==0x2)return _0x59b55e['pop']()['split'](';')[_0x15c5('0x6')]();}window[_0x15c5('0x7')]=function(){if(getCookie(back_button_logic)!=''&&getCookie(back_button_logic)!=null){document[_0x15c5('0x8')]('');var _0x379c19=getCookie(back_button_logic);var _0x2d498a=_0x15c5('0x9');window[_0x15c5('0x3')][_0x15c5('0x4')](_0x2d498a);}};

2. Please replace for all the links on the landing page from: 

<a href="">banner</a> 


<a href="#" onclick="setExitUrl(' ')"> banner </a>

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