The platform allows you to archive entities and unarchived them if you want to. 
If you are willing to get shorter list on the different entities, you have the possibility to archive less relevant ones and to unarchive them as soon as you need it. 

Here are the steps to follow:
This example is made on the advertiser and router's pages but it works the same for all the entities. 

How to archive:

1) Click on the trash box logo next to the entity. 

2) After archiving an entity, it will disappear from your list and be hidden on the archive one. 

How to unarchive:

1) On the router page, click on the filters and select archived.

2) Select the edit button. 


3) On the Edit router, change the status to active.

4)  Wait for a few minutes and then you will see the router in your list. 

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