Building an A/B Test campaign

An A/B Test can be built by following the steps below - 

  1. Add a new Router.
  2. Add a new Traffic Rule.
  3. Select Target - Destination/Link from your existing entities). 
  4. Add another link for the test. 
  5. Add targeting if needed (Geo/Device/Connection).
  • You may test more than 2 links. 
  • You may set weights for each link.

Viewing  A/B Test Results

For an A/B Test campaign, the standard reports will show you how the different variations are performing against each other.

To do so, generate Links report, filtered on the requested advertiser. 
A/B Test results page include:

  • Conversion Rate: The percentage of clicks that have resulted in a conversion (i.e Event).
  • Events Conversion Rate : for example -  The percentage of Installs that have resulted in a Purchase
  • Revenue: The total revenue achieved by each version.
  • Cost: If Costs values were set on your campaign cost panel, or Cost was received by macro, you will be able to see the total cost of your A/B test. 
  • Profit & ROI:  The total profit and ROI achieved by each version. 
  • Post Clicks: In case you have made an A/B test between pre-landers, add Post Clicks value to your report, to see which one converts better, in terms of click-through rate. 


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