Applovin Integration

To get integrated with Applovin on FOCUUS, follow the next steps - 

1. Go to your traffic sources list and add a new one from our list - 

2. Select Applovin - 

3. To add/remove tokens or setup a postback, click Applovin -

4. All tokens are predefined and can be changed or removed easily.
** Note - Redirection method should be 302 and not the default one.

5. Add Applovin postback on the requested event you would like to fire back.

6. Once traffic source settings are completed, you may generate unique tracking link for Applovin. 
On your Campaign's destination page, select Applovin on the traffic source list and click generate

7. You will be prompt then with the tracking link, with all Applovin tokens appended. Copy and share it with Applovin. 

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